Management for Plumbing and Heating Contractors

Contractors love machines that work well. Shouldn't your office run as smoothly.
I can help.

No one likes it when a customer follow up is forgotten or when an extra or a service call is lost and un-invoiced. Let me help keep your business making the money it should.  

What I do. 
 I have been responsible for the oversight and co-ordination of million dollar projects while also fielding calls for service emergencies. At a smaller business, I have been the dispatcher, bookkeeper, secretary and system designer. Whether you need someone to set up a computerized scheduling system or simply to provide a better flow of information, I can help. 

My technical knowledge of the construction industry has been garnered through 15 years of practical experience.

I know parts and product. I know how to find the information about repair and replacement of pumps, softeners, faucets, blowers, balancing valves and all those things too numerous to list. 

How I do it.

I thrive in a busy and complex work environment but I also excel in detailed project management. I use my combination of industry experience and university education to add thoughtful organization to any task. Although I can take control of a situation and lead, I also work extremely well within a team.

I have a solid reputation for getting things done and done correctly.

Working within an existing system or setting up new systems, I can make things flow more efficiently. Whether you are a small Plumbing Contractor or a large Mechanical Contractor, I can help make you more money. I pull up my sleeves and work hard.